Secure Browsing 101

discover 21-11-2017

You use it every day, maybe more than your car, actually probably in your car, at work, at home, on vacation. You probably never cared which one you are using. It's the one tool that gives you access to it all. But at the same time could make you lose a lot, if not all. Whatever computer, tablet, smartphone, smartwatch or other device your using. What is it? Your web browser.

A window that opens at a simple touch to give you access to the World Wide Web. Everybody uses it, for personal or professional reasons, to send, receive, upload, download, buy, sell, access important content, and maybe some not so important content. Some of the information you submit on these websites willingly may be confidential, credit card, address etc. and you don’t want any unwilling third-party to get this data. Yet every time you access a website with an outdated or inadequate browser the confidential information you share willingly or unwillingly puts your private life or business at great risk. Most websites have trackers, in some cases the websites you visit may be trying to get a bit more data than they should, not to mention the ones trying to upload malware and such on your device for various reasons like getting your passwords, server accesses, documents, images, etc.

Your browser is a window to all the greatness of the internet, but it’s also a way in for malicious people to get into your life. You need the best browser out there. You need it for speed, usability, cross-platform versatility and tools. But most often overlooked, yet crucially vital : security & privacy.

Having these variables in mind, here’s our top picks :

Firefox Quantum
Google Chrome

Mozilla’s teams have done an amazing work with the recently born Firefox Quantum. It’s without a doubt one of the best browser available. It’s sleek, ergonomic, blazing fast, secure, customizable, has very useful integrated features such as the screenshot tool, tab sharing between devices, incredible add-ons such as Ghostery to track who’s tracking you, Ad-Blockers and much more.

Being safe and productive is what matters.
You owe it to you and your business.

The Arts Square Team

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